_Transition Development 

A semi quick cut? Dont know what else to call it.

The folds of the acetates start about 1 quarter in shot, making the whole transition a little more hasty.

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Handy prints of all our slides is allowing us to work out the flow and the messages, transitions needed.

When filming you have to be organised, otherwise you waste to much time just randomly filming stuff hoping the magic will happen!

Probably should have started this a little earlier, but were are on the right tracks now.

Better late than never

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_Transition Development

Scrambled eggs all over  my face, what is a boy to do?

Turns out the colours on the screens of the macs at uni are much brighter and vivid than the one on my laptop, which drastically changed the approaching darkness around the title that i had originally done. This is a sort of revised version of what i did at uni today. Its just has a little  more ‘darkness’.

Also added a slight camera zoom to enclose the title a little, and give it a bit more atmosphere.

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_Title development 

Playedaround with colours, pace, and different transitions to get a whole plethora of outcomes, well 3 outcomes, hardly a plethora. 

I personally like the 1st out of the 3, the opake slide coming over the top clearly signifies a change in theme or topic, so in this instance for the title, it doesn’t really lend itself well for what we want, but it means that the transition can be used in another place if we choose.

So the ideal title would be the 2nds pace, with the colour adjustments and transition (left > right) of the 3rd. 


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Monday 7th April


Ok as we hit the home straight I’m going to keep a written daily blog of whats been happening. Mainly its to record such stuff but also keep my focus at this time.

So today has been an unmitigated disaster. First of all we decide to clean the projector, it was a bit dusty so we open it up and…

The chase for the perfect OHP continues.

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Instead of buying into the fabricated singular narrative of modernism that would lead us all to an imagined better world, these designers were dealing with the world as it really was; fragmented, ironic, chaotic, humorous, ambiguous, and with room for many individual voices to be heard.


What gives?

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Hick Pics_Filthy screen you need something wet in your mouth edition
Craig showed me some great photos of PC screens taken with flash from ‘visual arts’, they looked pretty nifty, and i had no idea what they were of until he told me. 

Hick Pics
_Filthy screen you need something wet in your mouth edition

Craig showed me some great photos of PC screens taken with flash from ‘visual arts’, they looked pretty nifty, and i had no idea what they were of until he told me. 

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Hicks Pics
_Vol 1.1

More of the title from Hicks’s revelations, but with the illusion of movement.

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Hicks Pics
A special San Francisco treat. Treat, for you.

Hicks Pics

A special San Francisco treat. Treat, for you.


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_Transition development

Im taking the approach of, if you throw enough shit at something, it will stick. Nothing has stuck yet.

Some of the transitions work better than others, and some not really at all. But having a crack at some of the transitions we are planning on using has served as a realisation that it is really quite easy to make things look naff. And the pacing as well will need a lot more thought.

Alot more work is neededdededed

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Hicks Pics

Some other stuff I took. The letter at the top is great. According to the author of the picture, someone put the note in-between her windscreen wipers disagreeing with the Bill Hicks bumper sicker she had on the back her car.

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Hicks Pics

More Pictures of pictures. More interlacing goodness. And pretty much ready for printing. I know its not the same ratio to what we have been shooting at (16:9), but that might create some nice cropping around the edges.

"Anyone in marketing or adversing should kill themselves", one of Hicks’s marquee quotes, and it has Dogma14 written all over it. A perfect fit.

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_Hicks Pics Vol.2

Ye old monospace

On the idea of being awkward and pissing people off, I went away from the singular, easily digestible, one hit wonder hicks quote i was using before, and replaced it with several long quotes instead. Cool, huh? So now you gotta slow the fuck down and pause the animation to get all of hicks’s genius and enlightenment. I broke up the headline to make it a little harder to read, and i even uploaded several different permutations of it, just for you tumblr folk to enjoy.

Ill do one test print to see how the gradients and colours of the headline translate to acetate, then Ill make any changes if needed and decide how many acetates to spread the design over. Nothing over 3, ideally, 2.

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Pro Con 3 Motion


_Online Presence





Bar Shorts
_Rude Awakening

Vo.1 https://vimeo.com/91534835
Vol.3 https://vimeo.com/91535566


_Full Secs

The Babes Are Back 

Just Do It 




Ill start of with the motion work I did for Procon. All in all, I am pleased with what I have produced for bar shorts and fulls secs, and I think I had more motivation to do something that I was pleased with, other than trying to get a good grade. My portfolio is lacking, to say the least, so the animations that I have done for procon will go towards my portfolio. The themes that ran through both my bar shorts and fulls secs animations were quite dark, to say the least. Rape, murder, suicide and kidnapping, not things you would generally talk about over dinner. I don’t think I can do funny and witty all that well, so satire seemed like the perfect route to take. I’m not sure how to submit work to bar shorts, but I will definitely be submitting what I have done to the people over at full secs.

Extracurricular activities. I know the uni had many guest speakers and workshops over the past semester, and I went to non of them, zero, nil pwa, zip. No excuses at all, the blame is completely on me. And in terms of the speakers, even if I wasn’t’ ‘into’ the sort of work they were presenting, or the areas that they were involved in, I know from people that who attended, that a lot of the speakers gave great insight into the professional design industry, which for a student such as myself, can be very important. I did however go to a number of Robert Shadbolts leactures about working in the freelance industry, but it is always nice to get a number of different perspectives on things.

Exhibitions? What exhibitions? I haven’t been to an art gallery or exhibition for almost 3 years now. Why? I don’t know how this might make me sound like, but I have found them rather dull, and not very engaging. For me, Graphic design is quite momentary, not in the scene that it is brief in its lifespan, but that I can come and go to in anytime that I please, whether that would be in a book, the internet or at uni. That way I can create my own little exhibition, so to speak. Going to a space dedicated to the arts, like exhibitions, does not excite me that much, its gets me out of my seat, but for the wrong reasons. But maybe I’m just being close minded? Maybe I haven’t been to the right places?

Placements. At this current moment in time, i have had zero placements and zero work experience in the industry, and going from the industry folk I have come in contact with, and what they are looking for in potential employees, experience goes a long, long  way. So I haven’t done myself any favours in that respect. But I am more than willing to pursue placements an experiences after uni is over, if I am in the right position to do so. I have no regrets doing this, I have put a lot of work into this course and procon3, arguably not speared over enough areas, but still a lot of work non the less. So looking back over the year, I cannot be disappointed with what I have done.

As for my blog, I regularly post development of my work, inspiration and write reflectively. It can become externally tiresome now and again, but it beats putting my ideas down in a sketch book.

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Year in Review

D&AD DCM ident

Shape at Christmas animation

Work featured at Motion North


Robert Shadbolt Lectures

Feedback on work from Jonny at Migghty Giant.

Motion North 

Coata Del Salford





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